Employee Benefits


Bike to Work

The Bike to Work scheme is a super way of helping you to help the environment and to get fit at the same time.  This Government tax incentive scheme enables DMG Media to purchase a bike for you (once every 5 years) and you pay it back through deductions from your salary over the course of a year. The payments are exempt from income tax, PRSI and levy payments, which enables you to maximize your net pay, in some cases making a saving of almost half of the cost of a new bike and equipment. To get started, get a quote for the bike you would like (accessories can be included) and give the quote to the Finance Department. The scheme applies to bikes and equipment up to the value of €1250, for ‘e’-bikes and related safety equipment up to the value of €1500.

Finance Support, Savings & Planning

We can provide you with financial information and guidance on a whole range of issues that are important to you. Our expert providers, can provide you with timely and informed guidance around your money worries or queries and suggest areas and government resources where you can get further help.

Irish Qualified Financial Advisors are available to provide consultation on a wide range of legal issues including: 


• Household budgeting

• Borrowing / Debt management

• Saving & investing

• Life Assurance

• Exiting the workforce

• Retirement planning


The service can be accessed quickly and easily by phone on 1800 911 909, through the   website layaeap.ie, via live chat, or through the specially designed App. Use the access code LAYAEAP to access the App and online portal.



We have a great company pension scheme in place which you can join after 6 month’s service with the company. On joining the Company pension plan managed by Zurich, the Company invests into your future by contributing every month to your pension. Your pension is your long-term savings plan that helps you save for your future. Unlike a regular savings account, money invested in your pension benefits from important tax breaks. And when you retire and look for access to your fund, the benefits can be accessed in a tax efficient way. To join the pension scheme you will be contributing 4.5% of your salary each month. The company also contributes 4.5% on your behalf. If you require further information on the Company pension scheme or to get started, contact the Finance Department.


Tax Saver Travel

Cut the cost of your commute by letting DMG Media Ireland buy your travel pass for you. This Government tax incentive scheme enables DMG Media to purchase your travel pass for you and you pay it back through deductions from your salary. The payments are exempt from income tax, PRSI and levy payments, which enables you to maximize your net pay.According to Dublin Bus and Irish Rail, employees can save between 31% and 52% of travel costs as a result of tax, PRSI and USC savings by using a TaxSaver ticket. For more information contact the Finance Department. 


Refer a Friend

Refer a friend for a vacancy we have posted and if they are successful in being selected for the role, as a ‘thank you’ to you for putting us in touch we will give you a ‘one4all voucher’ to the value of €500. Or if you prefer, we will donate that amount to a charity of your choice.​ In order to refer a friend you simply need to email HR the name and contact number of the person you are referring as well as the vacant position you are referring them for.


Supported Study

At DMG Media Ireland, we are committed to ongoing development of skills and expertise as well as exploring and learning new things. Employees with more than 1 years’ service can apply for paid time off to study external qualifications. Approval is dependent on factors including the relevance of the course of study to the employee’s role or career within the Company. Before committing to any courses of study, contact HR about the application process.


Life Assurance

Taking care of your next of kin. As an employee, you are automatically covered in the Company’s Life Assurance scheme. From your first day of commencement of employment with the Company, on death in service, your spouse (or other designated person) will receive 4 times the basic annual salary. It is important you keep this information up to date and using the Expression of Wishes form (available from HR), make any changes to the details of the beneficiaries you have provided the Company with.


Legal Support

We can provide you with consultations with Irish Solicitors through our expert providers on a wide range of legal issues including:

• Family/domestic matters

• Civil matters

• Living Wills

• Housing or real estate matters

• Estate planning

• Car accidents and related matters

• Financial concerns

• Consumer concerns

• Criminal matters


The service can be accessed quickly and easily by phone on 1800 911 909, through the website layaeap.ie, via live chat, or through the specially designed App. Use the access code LAYAEAP to access the App and online portal


Discounted Dental Treatment

As DMG Media Ireland employees, we have a corporate discount for dental treatment with nearby Smiles Dental on Bath Avenue in Ballsbridge. The discount gives a saving of 10% discount on routine dental treatments at their Ballsbridge practice. You can call them on 01 667 3556 or email bathavenue@smiles.ie for queries or to make an appointment.


Eye Care

Unless your vision has changed, you may not give your eyes much thought when it comes to health but eyesight tests are recommended every 2 years for computer users. This service is free to you because in partnership with Specsavers, DMG Media will issue you with a voucher which you can use for the test. If glasses are required for computer use, you can also use your voucher to choose a pair from the €69 range of glasses for free or if you prefer, you can use your company voucher to the value of €69 against a pair of glasses from the Specsavers €129 range or a value of €89 against the range of €159 glasses. Contact HR for a voucher.


Company Maternity Benefit

Employees with at least 12 months service at the date of confinement will receive a top up payment (Company Maternity Benefit) from the Company for the first 12 weeks of their Maternity Leave. The Company tops up the amount (gross) received from the Dept. of Employment Affairs and Social Protection to the normal salary amount. The duration of the Company Maternity Benefit is extended to 16 weeks for employees with at least 3 years’ service at the date of confinement. For benefit during Adoptive Leave please contact HR for more details.​ It is a condition of the maternity benefit scheme that employees not returning to work following maternity leave, reimburse any top up benefit amount paid to them by the Company during the leave. For more details contact HR.


Company Paternity Benefit

Employees with at least 12 months service at the date of birth of baby will receive a top up payment (Paternity Benefit) from the Company for 2 weeks. The Company tops up the amount (gross) received from the Dept. of  Employment Affairs and Social Protection to the normal salary amount. For benefit during Adoptive Leave contact HR for more details.


Parental Leave

Parental Leave is a statutory entitlement, giving each parent of a child born or adopted, an entitlement to 26 weeks unpaid parental leave per child to be taken in the first 12 years after birth. Parents of children with disabilities can take parental leave up to the child’s 16th birthday. For details, contact HR.


Sickness Benefit

DMG Media Ireland pays Company Sickness Benefit to employees when absent due to sickness or injury. This is to support you from loss of salary and benefits and to help you to concentrate on getting better. The payments are as follows


Time with Company - Sick Pay

During probation period 0

After probation  - 2 years (2 weeks’ pay)

2 years – 5 years (4 weeks’ pay)

5 years + (8 weeks’ pay)


Employees who are absent for more than 5 days are required to claim statutory Illness benefit made payable to the Company. This benefit is claimed by employees obtaining an MC1 form from your doctor and sending it to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


Health Insurance

The Company operates a group healthcare Insurance scheme. Valued at over €1000 each year, this healthcare cover ensures you have access to private healthcare through Private hospitals and high tech hospitals for medical care when you need it as well as other essential wellbeing and care services such as access to the Laya walk in urgent care clinic at Cherrywood, South Dublin for minor injuries and illnesses.


Minimising our impact on the environment is important to us. We do this in a number of ways, for example, by using biodegradable plastic where possible for single use. In addition, all of our unsold newspapers are sent for recycling and we promote recycling in all areas of our business. We are encouraged to dispose of newspapers, paper and waste packaging in the recycling bins. 


Annual Health Event

Our annual employee health & wellbeing event is a highlight in our employee health and wellbeing calendar each year. Taking place every Autumn/Winter, this valuable health screening employee health benefit is available to you. Valued at over €200, these important health screening and vital services including cardiac screening, with cardiologist reporting, as well as essential diabetes and cholesterol checks and more, are provided free to you, at our office & during your day for your convenience.


Healthy Snacks

Choose a healthy snack from our fresh fruit delivery every Monday morning. Porridge (gluten free also provided) is always available in the kitchen so a healthy breakfast is always an option. Our office vending snacks machine also contains a range of natural and healthy options.

Employee Wellbeing Programme

The wellbeing of all employees is something that is taken very seriously at DMG Media Ireland. As an employee of DMG Media Ireland you are automatically a member of our Employee Wellbeing Programme regardless of length of service and can call the Employee Assistance Helpline on 1800 911 909 for free confidential support, guidance and counselling. The telephone service is available 24/7. The service is also free to your spouse and dependants.​ Employees who call the service have access to telephone support for issues such as bereavement, marital issues, debt counselling, relationship problems and work life balance among others. Where problems cannot be resolved satisfactorily by phone, a face-to-face counselling service is also available, at no cost to you. For more information contact HR.


Mental Health First Aid

At DMG Media Ireland we have employees training up to become Mental Health First Aiders. Once qualified, in their roles they will be able to:


•  Identify when someone is in a mental health difficulty

•  Support that person & help on a first aid basis.

•  Effectively direct others towards appropriate support or services.


Our Mental Health First Aiders details will be added to this page in the coming months.  If you would like to become trained as a Mental Health First Aider or to find out more, contact HR.


Annual Flu Vaccines

The best way to help protect yourself and others from catching and spreading the flu is to get the flu vaccination. Each year, we offer flu vaccines for all employees and their partners, at our office or at a local provider. This service is a simple and convenient way of staying healthy during the Winter months and vaccines are paid for by the company.



Are you sitting comfortably? Ergonomic assessments are available to ensure you have the right equipment and your workstation and equipment is positioned in a way that enables you to work comfortably, safely and effectively. An ergonomic work place is important whether in the office or working from home (more details on WFH under the Working From home heading). For more details on Ergonomics or to request a workstation assessment, get in touch with HR.


Holidays/ Annual leave

At DMG Media Ireland, we work hard. Holidays and time off work is important to us which is why we get 25 days holidays each year, that’s an extra week on top of the statutory 4 weeks entitlement. To apply for leave, you can book the days off using Workday.


Working From Home

We have looked to design a better way of working for the future. Better for your work/life balance and efficient and effective for our company. Good for the environment too. We operate a hybrid work model of office and home based work, working 3 days office 2 days home one week and the reverse the following week. Obviously flexibility is key to enabling this to work so employees may need to change planned days depending on the needs of the team and their department.

A healthy & safe work place is important whether in the office or working from home. Employees are issued with a Working From Home Guide with a checklist for ensuring a healthy & safe ergonomic work station and environment. Get in touch with HR if there’s anything from your wfh check that needs addressing or if there is something you need, such as a desk, chair, keyboard, lighting etc to ensure an ergonomic workstation at home.


Force Majeure Leave

Family emergencies happen and force majeure leave enables employees to deal with these emergencies resulting from illness of a family member or those in your care. The leave provides employees with paid days off to take care of your family member. This statutory entitlement gives you 3 paid days in any 12-month period or 5 days in a 36-month period. In exceptional crises, this may be extended, employees should talk to their managers. For details contact HR.


Parents Leave

Parents Leave is a statutory entitlement. Since 1 November 2019, each parent is entitled to 2 week’s leave during the first year of a child’s life. Or in the case of adoption, within one year of placement of the child with the family. You may also qualify for a payment called Parent’s Benefit during Parent’s Leave, subject to certain PRSI contributions. For details contact HR.



Join your colleagues in having some fun with the great events organized by the company as well as Social Club team. We like celebrating our favourite times during the year, Summer get-togethers, Hallowe’en treats & fun and Christmas festivities. Check your inbox for company emails on upcoming events. Want to get involved? Contact HR



We love Birthdays at DMG. Let your manager know when it’s your birthday and if you would like us to supply a Birthday cake to share with your colleagues to celebrate your special day!


Freebies and Treats

We all enjoy the arrival of doughnuts, crisps, ice creams and other tasty treats to sample. It’s one of the perks of working in Media. Usually an email will be sent out so we know what’s being promoted and the products are left in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. Receiving entertainment & gifts falls into a different category and there are a number of principles and requirements regarding how entertainment and gifts are handled across our business, to ensure that these do not compromise our decisions or impact editorial integrity.  Details of the Entertainment & Gifts policy are on the Lounge.ie


Social Responsibility & Charity

At DMG Media we support a host of great charities and causes. Our Charity Partners, Plan International, works with vulnerable children and especially girls so that they can learn, lead, decide and thrive.  Their ambition is to transform the lives of 100 million girls through child sponsorship and grassroots community work.  More information here https://www.plan.ie/

We also support a range of other charities important to DMG Media Ireland employees, including the Irish Red Cross, and our partnership with the Marie Keating Foundation. Taking place throughout the year, we host lots of employee charity events too. Bakes sales, pancakes and coffee mornings are really popular and we organise these for lots of charities, including Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital and the Irish Cancer Society. Each Christmas we donate Christmas presents for St. Vincent de Paul.


Our social responsibilities extend beyond our important work with charities. Two of our recent major corporate initiatives aimed at helping two of the sectors most impacted by Covid-19 retail and entertainment,  Included Shop Ireland, a €1million advertising fund supporting small businesses hit by the fall-out from the Covid-19 as well as launching Extra.ie sessions, a series of gigs available to watch online taking place at venues nationwide. The gigs were streamed on the Extra Sessions page each week with artists and their crews and engineers hired by DMG Media Ireland for exclusive performances for our audiences. Have you a favourite charity that you’d like to promote or organise a sale or raffle for? Let us know if we can help. Contact HR.