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The Irish Daily Mail was first launched on the 6th February 2006. Each day, the IDM brings the most up to date news, breaks important stories on domestic and international levels and offers several lifestyle, male, female, sports and entertainment environments. Saturday’s edition includes the glossy YOU magazine which is targeted at our female audience.







The Irish Mail on Sunday was launched on the 24th September 2006. Each Sunday, the IMoS brings the most important stories and the best of investigative journalism to the Sunday reader, including TV Week magazine which gives our Sunday readers Women’s Issues, Fashion, Style, Food, Celebrity Gossip and a full set of TV listings. 







MailOnline launched in Ireland in 2012 - Globally, MailOnline is the most visited English-language newspaper website. In Ireland, MailOnline is continuing to grow as one of the nation's favourite destinations for news, entertainment and sport. With over 3.2 million unique users on desktop, smartphone and tablet the site connects with people across the country in work, at home and on the go.


 launched in February 2014, rapidly growing, Evoke is Ireland’s leading source for celebrity fashion & beauty news in Ireland. As it happens, we have it…








We compete in one of the world’s most competitive and rapidly evolving markets. Our business is to produce the highest quality news and content to deliver the best to our readers, advertisers, audience and followers.


Launched first in 2006 we are a relatively young company & have the distinct advantage of a fresh perspective and flexible approach to our work. We are proud of our success which is down to having the best content, talent and people.



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